We’re the scientific founder’s partner

Our due diligence process is a commercial collaboration. If your technology is ready to be demonstrated, we will take you to potential customers and partners to jointly substantiate the market opportunity.

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We Invest

We invest exclusively in hard science startups addressing industrial problems.

We are lead investors for seed rounds. Our first check is typically $500K to $2MM and we frequently lead large syndicates in follow on rounds.

We Co-Create

We are entrepreneurs and business development executives by background. When we invest, our whole team becomes an extension of your team.

Taking on business development and marketing roles, we generate initial customers and partnerships.

We Find Industry Partners

We believe hard science startups are best served by striking significant and early partnerships with industry strategics that ensure market fit, create non-dilutive financing options and accelerate time to market.

If you’re a Tech Transfer Officer with hard science startups, please join our Innovation Ecosystem

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We love participating in building the hard tech ecosystem. While we can only invest in a few companies each year, we make countless connections for startups even when we don’t invest.

For professors and students at your university who are starting out on their entrepreneurial journey, we can help them meet industrial companies that are keen to explore innovations coming to their markets, and that have capacity and capital to collaborate.

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If you’re an industrial company interested in early stage scientific innovation, work with us as an Innovation Partner

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The R&D efforts and budgets deployed in university labs are gigantic. Many innovations and patents developed will shape our future. Every year, we screen through about 2,000 startups in physics, chemistry and applied sciences, with applications from agriculture, manufacturing, electronics, etc.

For hard science startups, a well-structured engagement with industry is often critical to meet true market requirements and find a path to market. For strategics such engagements can be low-risk, high-reward tools for growth.

If your organization recognizes the opportunity for open innovation and is sincere about engaging and partnering with scientific startups, talk to us and become part of our ecosystem.

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Hard tech requires a special approach to be successful. In this section, we share our observations on what it takes to win.


We are experts in business development for emerging technologies, helping our teams secure valuable industry partnerships.

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Managing Partner

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